About SSAS Laboratory

AAt SSAS Laboratory , we stand as a beacon of fine, precision, and integrity inside the field of environmental and fitness protection checking out. With a constant dedication to making sure the nicely-being of people, groups, and the planet, we've got turn out to be a leading authority in water, food, soil, and air trying out.
Our project is clear and resolute: to safeguard the surroundings, beautify public health, and empower industries with correct facts and actionable insights. We consider that the satisfactory of our surroundings profoundly affects our lives, and via our advanced trying out offerings, we attempt to make the ones environment more secure, healthier, and more sustainable for all
Whether you are a involved character, a responsible enterprise owner, or a forward-questioning coverage maker, join hands with SSAS Laboratory to champion environmental and health protection. Together, allow's force effective trade, foster knowledgeable selections, and create a world wherein safety, health, and sustainability flourish. Contact us these days to explore our services and embark on a journey in the direction of a better day after today.

Our Vision

At our water and meals trying out laboratories, the client-centric imaginative and prescient is going past the checking out system. It represents a dedication to defend life, promote faith and contribute to the welfare of society. By placing clients first, our laboratory vision guarantees the purity and safety of the necessities of our lives - the water we drink and the food we consume.

Our Mission

At SSAS Laboratory, our assignment is clear: to empower people, organizations, and groups with the know-how and insights they want to make informed choices about their water, food, and soil. We try to make a contribution to a more healthy and safer international by way of delivering specific checking out outcomes that exceed expectancies and cling to the highest industry standards.

Director Desk

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Vishal Doke - CEO

As a laboratory director, his role is a blend of strategic thinking, ethical decision-making and effective leadership. By mastering the intricacies of governance, strategy and stakeholder management, he has the power to drive the laboratory towards sustainable growth, innovation and long-term success. Committed to continuous improvement, adaptability and ethical conduct, he thrives well in a dynamic laboratory director role.